dos monederos de crochet de estilo rústico hechos a mano en el alfeizar de una ventana
Mujer muestra un monedero de crochet hecho por ella en un entorno rústico
mano de mujer sujeta un monedero de crochet junto a otro monedero de estilo rústico en una ventana
conjunto de complementos de crochet y monederos de estilo campestre en el alfeizar  de una ventana
mano sujeta un monedero tejido a mano en crochet en tonos naturales de lino y algodón
monedero artesano de boquilla sobre acuarela de mujer mayor haciendo una labor

CABASSET coin purse pattern. Round base, 8.5cm round frame

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Pattern to make a crochet purse rustic style combining different threads and textures, very easy and versatile; adding a splash of color or leaving it without a frame can give surprising results.

This pattern includes the necessary information to make this crochet purse. You will find the steps to follow, instructions, points scheme, links to video tutorials, tips, etc...

SKILL LEVEL: BEGINNER Although they are not complicated stitches, it is necessary that you have knowledge of crochet, and that you know how to read a pattern. check your level

SIZE The final size of the coin purse, not counting the balls in the frame, is approximately 6 x 11cm.


  • round frame 8.5cm. Balls are optional*
  • Natural untreated linen thread, 1mm thick, about 10g.
  • Ecru Katia Capri yarn, about 15g.
  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle nº22
  • Stitch Marker
  • Scissors

This pattern does NOT include the instructions for the lined with fabric, If you like learn how to do it you can find here the TUTORIAL TO COVER A ROUND BASE PURSE

This pattern is protected by Copyright and is for personal use. It is not to be sold or distributed in any way, in whole or in part. The purses made with this pattern cannot be sold, although they can be published crediting the authorship to Basimaker.

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