About me



Hello, my name is ESTER

and I'm addicted to crochet ...


How did this start?

I suppose that i was born like this and I was also lucky to have since I was a child of the freedom and trust that the family's support gives you. I was so happy in my own world between jars of water, brushes and watercolors, between cut-outs from magazines, creating costumes ... later designing brochures (no computer) and decorations for high school plays, or creating pets for I don't know . I entered the School of Arts and Crafts where I specialized in graphic design and illustration; there I also met one of my great loves: photography. I started illustrating books, winning a design contest, collaborations ...


So I start working in an agency, then another, and another… I go unemployed, I separate, I become self-employed, I associate and create a company, and… poff !!! Yes, I learned a lot but I burst and forgot. I walked into a kind of creative shock, blocked up.


And so I spent several years until little by little, but sooo little by little, with all the support of my husband and putting a lot of effort I was coming out of the hole. Among other things, I took advantage of medical rest to embroider, knit, crochet, sew, but nothing "hooked" me and it was not constant, impossible to focus.


In 2016 I found out that I was going to be an aunt for the seventh time, I put all my effort into making an amigurumi for the little one that came out like a "churro"… uf!

But here I already got stung, yes !!!!


Today I know that this was the beginning


YouTube tutorials, Pinterest in vein, Ravelry patterns, mittens, rattles, anything goes ... And suddenly one fine day I remember that I have always been freaked out by coin purses, they are so practical and cute. I also find to my amazement that the rancid aesthetic of crochet frightens me, and that becomes a FANTASTIC challenge!!!! At this point my head can't stop I can't stop thinking about new designs and color combinations, I love challenges and I always surprise myself knitting purses excited to see the result, it is so relaxing and exciting at the same time.


Fierst time is always special, it is always perfect


In february 2017 I finally opened my online store, It is wonderful to connect with people from anywhere in the world, feedback gives superpowers, I swear. I enjoy the whole process, because not everything is crocheting, it is designing patterns, it is creating my own photographs, it is deciding the packaging, labels, logo, marketing ... and of course my name: Basimaker, in memory of my grandmother Basi who spent hours crocheting in her rocking chair by the window; she tried to teach me but I had no patience, if she finds out now...

My grandmother Basi and I, walking around Madrid
Go ahead,
if you want to know more about me
just ask ;)